Interview Performance Evaluation

Take the time to go over your recent interviews and evaluate your performance.
See how you did by truthfully answering the following questions.

  Before the interview:        
1. I arrived on time for the appointment Yes No
2. I was friendly with the receptionist Yes No
3. I addressed the employer and the personnel Yes No
4. I was dressed appropriately Yes No
5. I shook the employer’s hand Yes No
6. I waited to be asked to sit before I did so Yes No
  During the Interview:        
7. I listed my skills and abilities for the position Yes No
8. I stated my interests and my expectations of the desired position Yes No
9. I handed over my resume (if applicable) Yes No
10. I answered the questions in a clear and positive manner Yes No
11. I made them aware of my personnel qualities Yes No
12. I used adequate language Yes No
13. I kept eye contact with the employer  (interviewer)     Yes No
14. I kept a good demeanor Yes No
15. I avoided my nervous tics Yes No
16. I didn’t lengthen the interview for no reason Yes No
17. I did not speak of my personnel life in detail Yes No
18. I was polite and courteous Yes No
19. I gave honest replies without bragging Yes No
20. I did not put down my previous employers or other people Yes No
21. I did not interrupt my employer while he spoke Yes No
22. I kept smiling throughout the interview Yes No
23. I asked questions concerning the company or the posting Yes No
24. I listened attentively and gestured with a nod when appropriate Yes No
  After the interview:        

I submitted my letters of recommendation and a list of references (if necessary)

Yes No

I thanked the employer and shook his hand as well as all other persons present at the interview

Yes No